Final project


Week 3

Today I started editing clips from the films that I’ve seen. I also want to make my topic more clear, I am not just finding scenes from adaptations of Stephen King novels that portray insanity. My goal is to try and show how throughout the years the thought process or actions of insane people have changed in film particularly in adaptions of Stephen King works. It is my opinion that instead of showing some maniac wielding a machete the directors have taken a different approach to a lot of his work and it shows when you look at Stephen King films form the early eighties to the 2000s.

Project Week 2 Progress:

Today I have solidified my topic to, How insanity is portrayed in film adaptations of Stephen King’s books, starting from the 80s to the 2000s.I have also selected a few films that i know for sure will be used in my project which are:

  • The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick 1980, Mick Garris 1997
  • Christine 1983
  • Children of the Corn 1984
  • Pet cemetery 1989
  • Misery 1990
  • The Stand 1994
  • Rose Red 2002
  • Secret Window 2004

I have also started a little editing of some of the videos. Here is my script or story board.The First part of my video will be an opening scene from one of the films chosen (haven’t selected scene or movie yet), followed be opening credits and title card. The second half will be of the films from the 80s to the early 90s and the third half will be films from the late 90s to the 2000s up to 2004. The last part of the video will be the closing credits with resources and references displayed.

Week 1: Project Goals

Today I worked on finding a more concrete topic for my video essay. I have now changed my topic to how anger and insanity has been portrayed in Stephen King films starting from the early 1980s to the 2000s. I’ve staring researching the movies that I would like to include some are The Shining, Christine, Children of the Corn, Pet cemetery, Misery, Rose Red, In the Death Room, and Grey Matter. I have also found some tutorial videos on editing and creating short videos.

Project Proposal

This week we were asked to come up with a proposal for our final project which is a video essay:

What do you want your project to focus on? (HOW/WHAT/WHY)

  • I want my project to focus on similarities of the roles that Stephen King plays in movies based on his books.

What type of video essay will you create? (VIDEO STRUCTURE)

  • I want to create a video using super-cuts of scenes  from the movies he had roles in to show the similarities.

What raw materials will you need for the project?

  • I will need software that does super-cut, access to all of the movies Stephen King has featured in and a recording device.

Who will be the audience for your project?

  • The audience will be fans of Stephen King’s work.

What skills/software do you expect to use?

  • I will need software that has tools for editing.

Additionally: which skills and software tools would you like to have a better handle on?

  • I would like to have a better handle on imovie and skills with creating videos.

What do you expect to work on in each of the coming weeks? (TIMELINE)

  • First I expect to do some research, next I will work on script, next work on editing and video.

Any help/feedback you’d like from your peers or myself?

Annotation of “Chaos Part 1”


         This week we were asked to write an annotation of a video essay. The video essay that I have chosen is titled “Chaos Cinema Part 1”, by Matthias Stork. The video is posted to Vimeo website as a journalistic blog and it is ten minutes long. This video essay analysis the visual aspects of action film. It argues that the clarity and consistency of older action films are being replace with more chaotic and graphic visual scenes. The introduction of the video essay grabs the attention of the audience from the start. It begins with a monologue scene with the character named the Joker from “Batman Begins” which decisively describes the theme of the video essay. It then goes into a riveting car chase were the Joker blows up Batman’s car with a bazooka, after it cuts to a fighting scene between Batman and the Joker. The title card then appears after the abrupt stop of the fighting scene. The background of the video essay are scenes from different action films, the essay starts off with older films and works its way up into more recent action films. The methods that were used to convey the purpose of the essay was the use of voice over, minimal text and many scene cuts from different films. This video essay is heavily edited with, as previously started cuts of action scenes from various films. Music is used throughout the film but I believe it is the music that is associated with the film or music used in the film. The essay is very effective in getting the point across, it is exciting and held my attention to very end. The pause of speak in the video were Stork would just let the scene from the movie play were very clever in my opinion. It helped to describe the points that he was making without distracting us with text or trying to keep up with what he was saying.